Sacramento indie/folk singer-songwriter, Kelly Jean, started to craft songs about love, heartbreak, grief, and longing after her first high school heartbreak.  A natural born storyteller, she paints images on the walls of your mind with flowing melodies and candidly vulnerable lyrics. She’s known to give moody and heart-felt performances, drawing in listeners with an authentically emotive voice that has been compared to a painting with eyes that follow you around a room. She’ll leave you with a tear in your eye, a full feeling in your chest, and a whisper of a thought that she looked into your mind.

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Current Mood: Feeling a little bittersweet about the ending of my Plaid Dog Recording crowdfunding campaign.  On one hand, I'm extremely eager to get back into creative mode and the studio to record the rest of these babies for you. But I'm sad that means I have to go into hibernation mode. But fear not! Beautiful things come from the chrysalis.



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