Kelly Jean is a Sacramento based acoustic indie/folk songwriter.  She started crafting songs about love, heartbreak, grief, and longing after her first high school heartbreak.  A natural born storyteller, she paints images on the walls of your mind with flowing melodies and candidly vulnerable lyrics. She’s known to give moody and heart-felt performances, drawing in listeners with an authentically emotive voice that has been compared to a painting with eyes that follow you around a room. With a style similar to artists like Jewel, Alanis Morissette, and Sara Bareilles, Kelly Jean cites strong female singer-songwriters of the 90s as being inspirational during her early writing years. 

In 2020, she released an acoustic EP, Consequence. After running a successful crowd-funding campaign with Boston based studio Plaid Dog Recording, she is currently working on her first studio produced 5 song EP to be released fall 2021.  Easing back into playing shows after the pandemic, you can usually find Kelly Jean in midtown Sacramento playing intimate places like Luna’s Cafe, Old Ironsides, The Russ Room, and house shows, connecting with fans on a soul level.    

Passionately performed and wonderfully written, Kelly Jean's superbly crafted indie-alternative rock track "to: all my bad Tinder dates" manages to effortlessly evoke the sounds of the strong female-led alternative rock output of the 90s whilst being able to masterfully embed a contemporary feel into its compelling songwriting, helping to create a piece of music that is steeped in authenticity throughout. Music as compellingly poignant as this needs that certain special vocal presence at its forefront in order to really capture the intricacies of the writing, and oh my does Kelly Jean have that certain 'Je ne sais quoi'. Each and every word is given such depth and emotional complexity that as a listener you simply can't help but hang on to each and every phrase that Kelly Jean so gracefully conveys. This is heightened further by her strikingly candid approach to her lyric writing, there's a sincere honesty woven throughout her lyrics that helps to paint a particularly touching and grounded picture that listeners will find so easy to relate to. ” - Andre Avanessian

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