Sacramento indie/folk singer-songwriter, Kelly Jean, started to craft songs about love, heartbreak, grief, and longing after her first high school heartbreak.  A natural born storyteller, she paints images on the walls of your mind with flowing melodies and candidly vulnerable lyrics. She’s known to give moody and heart-felt performances, drawing in listeners with an authentically emotive voice that has been compared to a painting with eyes that follow you around a room. She’ll leave you with a tear in your eye, a full feeling in your chest, and a whisper of a thought that she looked into your mind.

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Current Mood: I've been a busy little bee over here...submitting my single to playlist curators, music review sites and blogs, and learning all about sync licensing...all while working a full time office job, and balancing my family life.  Who knew music could keep me so busy?!  I love it though.  Having a sense of accomplishment feels quite nice.

to: all my bad Tinder dates - Out now!

to: all my bad Tinder dates - Out now!

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